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The first practical dishwasher was designed and made by Josephine Garis Cochrane, a rich woman who hosted frequent dinner parties. Her servants cleaned the dishes but she wanted a method of getting the job done quickly without any chipping. Since, no such machine existed at that time, she invented it herself. Her prototype called the Cochrane Dishwasher repair Camarillo caught the fancy of the society and after numerous face-lifts the Company is now a part of the appliance giant Whirlpool. The market now is flooded with dishwashers in various sizes loaded with fancy features promoted by big brands and available in all price brackets.

 The dishwasher is now an essential everyday utility in our homes and restaurants. Devices which are used a lot need regular cleaning and care. Simple maintenance will prevent 90% of dishwasher problems and down-time. Most common problems like non-starting, dishes dirty even after the cycle or leaking water usually tend to irritate and frustrate us. And if the problem is bigger and messier like clogged compartment or non-drainage of water then we definitely lose our cool. But help is at hand or at least nearby. Camarillo Appliance repair is conveniently located near you and our best-in-industry technicians will solve your problem and have your dishwasher working just like new. We are certified to repair and service dishwashers of all major brands in the market and have years of experience in this field. Call us Appliance repair in Camarillo and avail our prompt ‘Same day’ repair service. Satisfaction guaranteed.



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