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You went to the electronics mega mart to buy a washing machine. The intelligent looking guy at the store convinced you to consider a separate dryer. He claimed the dryer will remove 100% moisture from the washed clothes. No more laying clothes out for air-drying-Wow! You want to buy it so you select one that fits in your budget, is spacious enough to accommodate your daily load and has multiple speed cycles to suit your needs. One with Fancy words like industrial-strength, moisture lock, air dry technology and swanky touchpad are a bonus.

It’s been going well for you, your dirty clothes are washed well by the washing machine and the Camarillo Appliance repair makes them warm and smelling fresh –perfect laundry experience. Suddenly, just when you switch on the dryer repair Camarillo after loading a fresh batch of clothes, you feel a zing- an electric shock. You are stunned and then worried. Please do not panic. Your safety comes first. Just remove the power plug, sit back and call us. Maybe the problem is not an electrical shock and your clothes are just not drying as before or the washer seems to be leaking.  Our trained technicians available in your neighbourhood are capable of diagnosing and providing instant repair solution for all your dryer problems. We are qualified to repair and service dryers of all major brands like Whirlpool, Sears, GE, Bosch and many more at the most competitive price.



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