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You love your modern home equipped with swanky appliances to make everyday tasks easier and better. A spacious refrigerator which accommodates all you grocery and works efficiently to prevent the transfer of flavours and keep food fresh longer, a concealed noise-less dishwasher that churns out spotlessly dry dishes, the stainless-steel finish oven which professionally custom cooks all you favourite dinner recipes, your large capacity but gentle washing machine which leaves your clothes spotless and soft and its partner the ever efficient dryer which makes the clothes dry and fresh. And we cannot forget the robust garbage disposal unit which disposes off all the mess and waste just by touch of a button. These competent appliances are like small robots going about their tasks silently, briskly and professionally. No excuses and holidays, no bickering or cribbing. Day in and day out you can trust these robots to do their task capably with the best results consistently. Sigh! It’s a good life having so many top-of-the line robots doing your bidding.

But life is not perfect. Even these robots need rest. Sometimes they need maintenance, some tweaking and cleaning or maybe in a worst case scenario they breakdown or get jammed. If only you had a Master robot to look after your personal robots life would be so good. A robot that is available easily and is itself hassle-free and simple.Camarillo Appliance repair is one such company that is ready to help you at all times of need. We are your friendly neighbourhood trouble-shooters and repairmen. Our experienced technicians are trained to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair all your home appliances. We have in-house experts with years of experience in repairing machines by Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Sears, Kenmore, GE, Asko, Dacor, Maytag, Bosch, Fridgidaire, Tappan, Wolf, Kelvinator, Admiral, White Westinghouse, Insinkerator, Amana, Modern Mald, Eletrolux, Subero, Magic Chef, Speed Queen, Uline, Caloric, Hotpoint, Scotsman, Thermadore and many more prominent brands. Even if your brand does not feature in the list at Appliance Repair Camarillo CA, please feel free to contact us-there is very little our experts have not seen in the appliance repair industry. It will be our pleasure to work out a solution for you. We have a vast inventory of genuine spare parts to meet any needs of immediate replacement.

The experts at Appliance repair in Camarillo have worked out a comprehensive diagnostic method by which our technicians are able to identify the problem accurately. The solutions are then implemented with your consent. In case of component failure, we recommend immediate replacement and provide the option of buying the genuine spare part and its installation service from us. Before we hand over the repaired and serviced appliance to you, we run a series of checks to ensure that you have no complaints of its performance.

Over the years, Camarillo Appliance repair have come across numerous best practices that maintain the operational efficiency of your appliance as well as save energy thereby reducing your bill like:

·    Refrigerator: Don't suffocate refrigerators by enclosing them tightly against the wall. As most of the refrigerators release heat from the bottom and/or back, it is best to allow at least one inch of space on each side of a freezer to allow good air circulation.

·    Dishwashers: Detergent cleans well in both powder and liquid form but it has to be fresh or it won't do the job. Anything older than two months may clot and clog the pores.

·    Oven:  A microwave uses energy whenever it is plugged in, even if it is turned off. So, make sure to unplug it when not in use. 

·   Washing machine: Front-loading machines use airtight seals to prevent water from spilling during operating times. When you are not using the machine, moisture can get trapped in the machine due to this seal and lead to mould. Leave the door open for a few hours after use to allow this moisture to evaporate.

·   Dryer: It’s a good and safe practice to clean the filter after every load. This improves air circulation and increases the efficiency of the dryer.

·    Garbage disposal unit: Do run your garbage disposal unit regularly. Frequent use prevents corrosion and rust, and also assures that all parts stay in movement and obstructions is prevented.


These are some basic guidelines and we have a list of many more. If you follow them, your trusted appliances will not only work more efficiently but also save you precious dollars.

To know more or find a solution to appliance related problem, call us. We are not robots but courteous professionals who will repair you appliance efficiently using the most appropriate cost-efficient method. Trust us to correctly diagnose the problem, recommend a solution and implement it because we Care for Your Appliances.

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